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Planning + Design

The more thoughtfully a space is created, incorporating a balance between light, form, program, material and texture, the more satisfying it is to inhabit. Through meaningful collaboration with architects, interior designers and our in-house design staff, we strive to reconcile details, solve complex challenges, and create customized living spaces.

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Historic Restoration

Much of our work involves historic structures and period details. As the passage of time inevitably erodes the vibrancy of buildings, we cherish the opportunity to restore and return those structures to their original splendor. This type of work often requires working with specialists in historic masonry, slate & copper roofing, ornamental metals, stained glass and others.

As part of our ongoing desire to assist in preservation of the past and implementing green building practices, we endeavor to restore and reuse as much as we can from one project to the next.

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Custom Millwork

We specialize in intricate, complicated installations. This might be floating walnut shelves, a state-of-the-art concealed entertainment installation, or an entire stain grade mahogany library. Exceptional millwork elements within a home are often the statement pieces which elevate the feel and functionality of a home from good to great. We can make complex interces, subtle reveals, old-world finishes, and demanding installations harmonize together and contribute to an overall feeling of aesthetic congruity.

In most cases, we are relied upon to build these types of things to compliment a larger project or to ensure a seamless match with existing details. Our team of specialists, supported by our full service cabinet shop, allows us to confidently state that we can build anything our clients can dream up.

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General Contracting

We like to think of ourselves as not only builders but property consultants. From initial purchase and well beyond the first turn of the key after move-in, we strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable construction experience. Whether it is a laundry room remodel or an entire brownstone renovation, we treat each and every project with white gloves from start to finish.