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It is our job to identify and solve complex challenges with regard to structural/civil engineering issues, production logistics and construction management, but the fundamental goals for each project are the same: To plan, facilitate design, and efficiently execute on the unique vision each of our clients has for their home.



Our dedicated team of field and office staff support each other with a constant flow of information (see diagram) so surprises are communicated in real time and solutions are developed and deployed rapidly.

Each project has a dedicated on-site project manager, lead-carpenter and project coordinator to personally handle the project from schematic design through move-in day.

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Once we have the broad brush strokes of the project articulated, the iterative planning and design process aims to add details, depth, texture and color for every element of the project.

Regardless of where our clients find themselves in the design process, it is our focus during this pre-construction phase to compile and deliver a project manual that will serve as a precise and comprehensive road map for the project.


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The inherent nature of working with and installing dynamic natural materials, requires periodic paint touch ups, seasonal attention, or deep cleaning, all of which we happily help with. We visit some of our clients on a regular basis to change hard to reach light bulbs, reseal stone counters, deep clean carpets, modify electronics, troubleshoot and fix equipment failures, and we provide tailored ongoing service agreements to suit a wide variety of needs.