Photography by Eric Roth

Architecture by Dan Hisel

To accomplish this interior transformation several load-bearing partition walls were removed to connect spaces and let light flood into the center of the home.

In the modern kitchen, a combination of custom and pre-assembled casework was incorporated to achieve the desired layout while maximizing budget and available resources. Custom walnut cabinets accommodate built in appliances, and the unique pieces of the kitchen, such as the integration of an heirloom butchers block into the kitchen island.

Every effort was made to reduce construction waste and preserve/re-purpose viable remnants of the original build-out. In the master suite, the legacy fir flooring was preserved and where walls were removed, repurposed boards were carefully feathered in to match.

The spa-like atmosphere of the master suite was realized again through the removal of several second floor partition walls that allowed for a graciously open layout. In the master bathroom, the installation of a new skylight over the bathing area helps emphasize this openness, even with the bathtub tucked into the roofline. Warm natural materials like tongue and groove red cedar ceiling planks and a custom fir vanity are the complimentary note for the soothing blue penny round tiles that unify the bathing area as a singular space.